Colette H.  Santa Cruz, CA on 07/13/2016

If I could give 6 or more stars I would. Todd and his son Zach did an absolutely amazing job on installing our cork flooring. He was very thorough when he came to give a quote; he caught many things that the other installers had missed. I had several follow up questions and he was quick to respond. He was very punctual, neat, very very precise, extreme attention to detail and involved us in every step of the installation. When it came time to clean up he and Zach left our house cleaner than when they found it. Todd and Zach do exceptional work, if you need any flooring installed Stephens Flooring is definitely the installer you want. Could not be happier.

Great Job!!! by Janet P. on 06/27/2016

Todd and Zack did a wonderful job installing the flooring in the living room. They were on time, immaculate, fast and accommodating. We could not have asked for a better experience. I love the new floor. Thanks!!!!!


Angie’s List Reviews

Lisa Sousae  03/12/2016

Description Of Work: Todd & Zach were the consummate professionals from the bidding process to the completion of the project. Todd had the wisdom, experience and creativity, akin to a MacGyver, to figuring out how to place a wood medallion we had bought through The medallion was a different thickness than the wood flooring chosen and he had the creative ability to sink the medallion within the flooring for a seamless look….simply beautiful! Wish I could post a picture on this site to show his prowess…..but this is my first review on Ms Angie’s List!

Member Comments: It progressed over 8 days with the team cutting and placing the wood flooring. There were some challenges to overcome, which happens with every installation. With mine the under floors were a bit uneven in a few places…but MacGyver (Todd) had his planer in his truck and solved the problem! He also solved the height issue with the medallion with the ease of an experienced ice skater doing a triple axel! (Insert photo of “Vortex” medallion from Czar Flooring!)

His co-worker, Zach was steadfast and a hard worker. He had to remove a laminate flooring which was laid down with gallons of glue. If there was a catastrophe….the laminate flooring would have been the only survivor……Who puts laminate flooring down with enough glue to supply all the kindergarten classrooms of America? But, Zach had a wonderful attitude, and worked long and hard removing it all. (insert picture of gorgeous wood floors in kitchen…..where the ugly laminate once lived).

I highly recommend Stephens Flooring. Their work ethic, professionalism and competitive pricing were top drawer. I will always call on them for all my hardwood flooring needs. He also does other hardscape flooring projects as well….such as marmoleum.


Susan Harding    08/27/2015

Description Of Work:Took out old kitchen floor, 3 layers of it, and installed cork floor.

Member Comments:Taking out old floor was difficult — it had been nailed down — and time consuming but all the work was done well and one time. They took extra care moving refrig, dishwasher and large cupboard out AND at no added cost plugged up some holes to keep mice and rats out AND secured my cupboard so it wont fall over during an earthquake.


Ann Hoppe   05/28/2015

Description Of Work:Stephen’s Flooring had installed hard floors for us back in 2005.

Member Comments: They did an excellent job so when our main bathroom needed new flooring, I didn’t have to think twice about who to call.

They did an excellent job installing our flooring. They were prompt, neat and clean and did an excellent job. We will definitely refer them to family and friends.


Monnica S.   05/22/2015

Description Of Work: Laid linoleum in my bathroom.

Amazing. and I highly recommend them to anyone. 5 stars!! It feels so good going into my bathroom.

Member Comments:It feels like a new space. Stephens Flooring is SO professional and their work was impeccable. Well done.


Barbara Cordes    04/25/2015

Description Of Work: installed engineered eucalyptus flooring and then “marmoleum” in kitchen, two baths and utility rooms.

Entire dwelling [approx. 1380 sq. ft.] now has new floors.

Member Comments:These installers are wonderful. Clear and frequent communications, so we were all on the same page.  The completed the two installations in the time allotted, for the amount stated before job began, and they were not only prompt and cheerful, but cleaned up the site each day.


Peggy Dillon     03/02/2015

Description Of Work:Ripped out old flooring and installed new laminate in kitchen, hall, bath, two closets and small bedroom.

Member Comments:Todd and his son (can’t remember his name) did a great job! My new floors look great. Very professional and nice to work with. Great price. I would highly recommend them.


Tera Ebert     06/01/2014

Description Of Work:Measured our hall floor for Marmoleum installation. Educated us on what we could do to prepare the subfloor ourselves, thus helping us save money. Installed floor when we were ready. Did an outstanding job.

Member Comments:Todd Stephens came in February 2014 and filled us in about the floor product we were interested in. It was marmoleum and it was new to us but we wanted it because it is a more eco-friendly product. He measured our hall floor. Explained how we could do the plywood subfloor ourselves. We really appreciated this because it saved us money. It took us some time to do the subfloor. When I called Todd to schedule the installation of the marmoleum, he worked it right into his schedule and we hardly had to wait (even though he had waited for us for 3 months). Todd and his son Zach arrived promptly at 8 AM like they said they would and the floor was finished by 1 PM. Todd even did an extra area because we took our water heater out temporarily and Todd didn’t even charge us for this extra work. Todd and Zach worked very hard and were extremely careful to protect other rooms where they cut the floor material. They cleaned up everything, leaving the new floor and the rest of the house in perfect condition. Todd instructed us on follow-up protection (sealer we could apply ourselves) and care of the new floor. Todd and Zach were very courteous and a pleasure to do business with. I recommend Stephen’s Flooring highly!


Jean Schaaf     04/15/2014

Description Of Work:Arrived promptly for all appointments.  Provided written bid including instructions.  Picked up materials.  Installed materials.  Cleaned up all areas used.

Member Comments:This is my 3rd time using this business in 30 years.  Excellent as always!


Melissa Foley    10/07/2013

Description Of Work: Installed click bamboo flooring in kitchen and living room.

Member Comments:Todd and Zach were great! Todd came out to our house on a holiday to do the estimate. He was thorough in his estimate and let us know exactly what to expect in terms of work done and duration. He gave us a list of all the pieces we would need for our particular floor style – and his measurements were spot on. When we discovered two days before installation that the kitchen floor was 1/4″ higher than the living room floor, Todd spent part of his Sunday on the phone with me describing in great detail how to fix our problem prior to installation (we were doing all the demo and prep work). The floor looks beautiful and we are grateful to have had such skilled experts in our home.


Caleb Barron   08/31/2013

Description Of Work:Installed Eucalyptus click and lock hardwood flooring.

Member Comments:Stephens Flooring was great. They were easy to communicate with. Easy to schedule. Amazing work. Highly recommended.


Lisa Larson       08/26/2013

Description Of Work:Installed nail down hardwood flooring in 2 offices.

Member Comments:Todd and Zach arrived on time and did an excellent job of installing our floors. They worked in a professional matter and left the site clean when they finished. We would definitely use them again.


JoAnn Hughes      07/25/2013

Description Of Work:Installed new hardwood flooring in my office.

Member Comments:Todd came immediately when called to measure and give me an estimate of materials I would need and estimate of labor costs.  Once I ordered the materials I waited for them to arrive at a warehouse in town.  Within a day Todd picked up the materials and brought them to my house to “acclimate”.  On the scheduled date, he and his son arrived on time and worked efficiently to complete the job as contracted and early!!!!  I love my floor and their work.


Janice Corriden    06/15/2013

Description Of Work:Applied new wood flooring to   a space of about 20 x 20.

Member Comments:We were very impressed with this family team.  They showed up on time, were meticulous, cleaned up after themselves and kept the job within agreed upon budget.   They were pleasant to deal with and did a great job.  We would not hesitate to use them again.


Eugene Tsuji    01/05/2013

Description Of Work:Removed tile from entry way, installed laminate flooring in entry way, hallway, bathroom.  Odd dimensions, lots of bizarre angles involved.

Member Comments:Todd is to flooring what Yoda is to the force.   We first used him a decade ago to install flooring on the recommendation of a friend and immediately thought of him again in our new home.  His estimates are quick and thorough, he knows the pros and cons of different types of flooring and is passionate about what he does.  Attention to detail is excellent.  He put the toilet back better than the plumber who first installed it.  I highly recommend using this installer


Glenn Nelson    10/25/2012

Description Of Work: Stephens only does floor installation, they are not a floor store. I chose them because of their professionalism when they came to give me an estimate. Stephens has been a family business for 5 or 6 generations now! Todd made the point to me that I would be paying him approximately the same rate as I would pay a floor store – but the floor store would only pay their installers about one-third and pocket the rest. I highly recommend that you use these guys or at least use an independent, install-only person.

I had rug and linoleum (kitchen) replaced with engineered maple in LR, kitchen, upstairs and downstairs hallways and hall closets and staircase. A small space, only about 650 sq. ft. of wood. It doesn’t sound like a big job, but it takes time to fit everything just right and to take care of details.


Member Comments:PROS: they did a superb job and they left my house very clean. I don’t think I could find better installers. They were always on-time and efficient. I read bad stories about floor store installers, and I was sure I would NOT have those worries with Stephens Flooring.

CONS: perhaps pricey, but I don’t really know. Not too good at email communication. And they took one more day than I originally expected, extending the job from 5 days to 6, and keeping me out of my house over a weekend; but this was due to poor communication, not poor estimates – the original estimate was for click-and-go, I changed to tongue-and-groove and also added one hall closet. So he knew it would take longer, but failed to tell me.

OTHER: you have to order the materials yourself, but Todd gave me a VERY THOROUGH bill of materials after spending less than an hour at my house. His measurements were so good that we had less than one box of planks leftover. I took the BOM to a local wholesaler, picked out my material and they placed the order. Todd picked up and delivered it to my house.

Also Todd and company do not clear rooms – that was my job – fair enough. They did move kitchen appliances, though.


Yelp Reviews

Lisa S.

On Wikipedia under “Consummate Professionals” is a picture of Todd and Zach Stephens of Stephens Flooring! From the initial phone contact, bidding process and getting the job done it was akin to a well thrown pass from Montana to Rice….Touchdown! Todd is also a true “MacGyver” with his combination of smarts and problem solving abilities. All projects have challenges. Mine was the occasional unevenness of my floors (he used his planer), solving the Wood Medallion installation to flow seamlessly with the rest of the floors (he sank the medallion “Vortex” from and the quirky transitions to the restroom tile where he cleverly manipulated a T-Strip.

His prices are fair and I will always consider Stephens Flooring as my Hard Wood flooring/Hardscape company. I am a true fan and recommend having his company bid your project today.


Eric S.

Responsive, punctual, on schedule.  The job site started and finished clean.  The bottom line is that the floor and baseboards look terrific.  What more can you ask for?  A+


Roger R.

Todd came recommended to us by GreenSpace (Santa Cruz) – and we’re really happy we found him.  When Todd came over for estimate – I was still planning on getting more estimates – but after spending over an hour with Todd – listening to him explain in detail what he wanted to do with floors, etc…it was obvious he knew his craft well.  We hired him right away.


We could not be more pleased with the work that Todd and his son Zach did!  They are like artists – they take great pride in their work – and they take their time to do it right.  The hardwood looks outstanding – and we are so happy with the work they did!  No one could have done a better job then these guys.  They started as promised – and even finished up a day early!


Talk to Todd about your floors – you will be impressed with his years of knowledge.  He comes from several generations of family members who do this work – you will not find any one who does this work better than Todd and his son!




Todd Stephens knows what he’s doing and does what he says he’ll do. No complications, stayed on schedule. This is a contractor you want. His son, who works with him, is if anything, more focused. Very happy with their work.


April L.

Planning/ Clean and Prep work:

The business owner, Todd, was suggested by a local “green” building resource called Greenspace.  The owner trusts his work so much that she had his cell phone in her phone.  He came by because I needed flooring installed before a delivery of custom furniture arrived.  The owner literally came that afternoon, explained how much sheet flooring I needed, asked how the furniture would be installed to place any seams or breaks in the pattern underneath counters, explained how different directions of the pattern would allow the space to look longer or wider, and told me how to properly clean the floor and prep the space before he came in to install the floor.  He anticipated some areas where the current linoleum floor was not adhering to the subfloor and how he would probably need to caulk the Marmoleum to the edge of the door trim.  He also had riser / edging to place at the base of the floor where the edge of the room would be and offered to bring extra glue for the Marmoleum product if needed.


Quote:  The quote was reasonable and gave an estimate of time needed to complete the job. It explained what he was going to bring and what I was responsible for.


Arrival and execution: Todd and his son Zach arrived 8 am sharp, like they said they would, and I was the one who was late!  They finished right before 12pm.  The floor was approximately 6-7 feet wide and about 15-16 feet in length. They sanded the floor, vacuumed, cleaned and did all the prep inside the room.  They had to cut the sheet flooring and tile the floor.  There was very little waste and I was happy to save some cost on the flooring material.  He told me that the next morning, Zach could come by and remove the tape connecting the seams (as the glue setting can sometimes pull away from the seams).  All the edging was perfectly done, caulked and there was no extra glue or smudges on the floor.  They were super clean walking in and out of the working area.


Extras: They were generous enough to provide their own trim, caulking, extra glue (which I used a half gallon of) and were really friendly and knowledgable.


Expertise with Marmoleum:  Todd can do inlays with this stuff.  A square room is a cakewalk.  You feel he knows his stuff and he’s got so much experience, I felt comfortable doing everything by the book to make sure the flooring was done right.  (this included him explaining how the Marmoleum sheet and work area needed to warm up to temperature for 3 days before install, then cure for another 3 days before cleaning and sealing the floor.)


Expertise with flooring / vapor barrier: I’m glad Todd explained that I could install this product over existing linoleum tile.  The existing stuff was glued directly to the cement floor below, so it acts as a vapor barrier.  Where the flooring sales person estimated that I would need double the sheet material, Todd was thoughtful and gave me a less expensive alternative and better product yield with little waste.  This saved me a few hundred in material cost alone. I would definitely utilize his services in the future.


RateABiz Reviews

Outstanding service By K F on 06/13/2016 

Stephens flooring came highly recommended to me by a green product retail store in Santa Cruz. I deeply respect this company and thus knew I was in good hands. Mr. Stephens himself called me during the X-Mas holiday to discuss the installation procedure and we arranged for him to do a preliminary visit of my studio where the work was to take place, in Saratoga. I wasn’t charged for this long distance visit (during early rush hour traffic!) and I really appreciated his professionalism (early arrival), kindness and knowledge. It was clear that he’s a master of his craft and this was really reassuring. On the day of the job he and his son were early to arrive and I was again impressed with their professionalism, their positivity and humor, their speed, and especially the METICULOUS care that they put into their work. In addition, when I conveyed the name of this company to my handyman, he mentioned that he had worked a job with Mr. Stephens and was also deeply impressed by a difficult installation job that he completed flawlessly. I will absolutely be working with this family company again and I recommend them with the highest praise possible. I trust them and I appreciate their masterful work.

Responded 06/13/2016

Thank you for your kind words. Customers like you are a pleasure and we appreciate your business. Please contact us whenever we may be of further assistance.  Todd & Zach Stephens


Very high quality  By Steve L on 05/06/2016

Todd and Zack did a great job re-flooring our kitchen and bathrooms with Marmoleum. They did meticulous work and didn’t cut any corners. It’s obvious that they take the quality of their work very seriously. We shopped around and spoke with many other installers before going with Todd and he was the only Marmoleum installer who seemed to know all the specific requirements needed to do the job correctly (including the fact that it’s important to have the Marmoleum in the house for several days before the install actually begins so that it can acclimate to the house). They were very neat and very clean in how they worked. They are nice and pleasant to work with. They were not the cheapest (actually among the priciest) but you get what you pay for with them. Definitely would recommend them.

Responded 05/06/2016

Thank you, Steve. We appreciate your business. Please contact us whenever we maybe of further assistance. We’re never too busy for your referrals! Todd & Zach Stephens.


Excellent workmanship By Tina Mazzei on 02/01/2016

Todd and Zack installed my Marmoleum flooring in a small kitchen and bathroom space. It looks fantastic and I could not be happier with the workmanship. They paid attention to the details going the extra mile to redo the finishing boards on the bottom of the cabinets. The only draw back, for me, was the cost. I had to exceed my budget for this project due to the labor involved in getting the surface setup properly. Looking forward to my floor looking great for many wonderful years

Responded 02/03/2016

Thank you Tina for choosing us and the business opportunity. Hope we made your vision a reality. Todd & Zach Stephens


Really terrific, all around.  By Rosemary Chalmers on 01/22/2016

There is a reason we asked you to come back and do some more flooring for us, and that reason is your great work ethic, oh and we could add that you are pleasant, timely and polite and always leave everything clean and tidy. We have recommended you to a number of people, and when the rest of the floors need to be changed, we will be in touch.

Responded 01/23/2016

Thank you Rosemary, It’s always a pleasure working with you and all of the KSCO talk radio staff. Todd. S


Todd is to flooring what Yoda is to the force.  By Eugene Tsuji on 01/21/2016

We first used him a decade ago to install flooring on the recommendation of a friend and immediately thought of him again in our new home. His estimates are quick and thorough, he knows the pros and cons of different types of flooring and is passionate about what he does. Attention to detail is excellent. He put the toilet back better than the plumber who first installed it. I highly recommend using this installer.

Responded 01/23/2016

Thank you Eugene, It’s an honor to be called the Yoda of flooring. Todd. S


Love My New Floor. By Lynne McGolrick on 12/16/2015

I waited for 12 years to get my new walnut engineered wood floor so of course I wanted an outcome to meet my long-dreamed of expectations. So I decided on Stephens Floors of Santa Cruz-not the cheapest estimate but a very reasonable estimate-and I’m super glad I did. They are a family run business with no middle-man mark ups, good listeners that got me exactly what I wanted, and even a few extras I didn’t expect. Like building a threshold and matching the materials perfectly. They worked fast and efficiently without any interruptions or delays. And very helpful solving those little detail problems that seem to always come up and often don’t turn out just right. I am so glad I chose Stephens Floors of Santa Cruz to do my floors and I would recommend them again and again…in a heart beat!

Responded 12/15/2015

Thank you, Lynne for the opportunity to work on your vision and make it come true. It does look great. There are no problems we are problem solvers. If Zach or I can be of any help don’t hesitate to call…..


Flooring installation  By BRAD RYNO on 11/15/2015

The week of November 9th Todd and his son installed flooring at my residence. They were there for 3 days and the job was done to perfection. They were always on time (sometimes early) and at the end of each work day all work areas were cleaned and in good order. The pricing was as quoted and I felt very fair based on the quality of work. I would HIGHLY recommend them for any flooring job you may be undertaking.

Responded 01/23/2016

Thank you Brad for your business! We appreciate the feedback. Please contact us whenever we maybe of further assistance. We’re never too busy for your referrals! Todd S.


Expertise that shows  By Paul Edwards on 10/30/2015

Marmoleum sheet floor and cork tile ceiling project completed exactly as I envisioned! Todd had very specific and appreciated guidance/suggestions. Todd and Zach produced a great finished project and I look forward to using them again.

Responded 01/23/2016

Thank you, Paul. We appreciate your business. Please contact us whenever we maybe of further assistance. We’re never too busy for your referrals! Todd._S


Quality workmanship, professional  By Kyle Cartterlin on 10/19/2015

Stephens Flooring installed laminate flooring in our manufactured home. They installed flooring in the dining room, living room, office and hallway. there was a fireplace with hearth involved as well and the finished product looked perfect. The crew was professional at all times, worked hard and did a great job. A friendly, professional experience. Thank you for the excellent product. We have received many compliments on our floors and quickly tell people who did them.

Responded 01/23/2016


Stephens Flooring Santa Cruz  By Tamara Cavazos on 09/29/2015

I recently did a complete remodel to our first floor in our home. The experience that I had with Stephens Flooring was the best when compared to all aspects of our remodel. Stephens Flooring did exactly what they said that they would, the proposal stated that the job would take 7 days and it was exactly 7 days. The teamwork between Stephen and Zachary was amazing – they did an excellent job of which they cleaned up after themselves each day. I will definitely call Stephens Flooring when I am ready to remodel our second floor.

Responded 09/29/2015

Hi Tamara, Thank you for the opportunity for allowing Zach and I to work on your remodel. We would be happy to help out in any way in the future. Oh, by the way…We’re never to busy for your referrals!


Todd is the best!  By Pete Cullen on 09/28/2015

I have had the pleasure of working with Todd and his team for over two decades. Todd is fantastic and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for the highest quality work done on time and on budget.

Responded 09/29/2015

Thanks Pete, It has always been a pleasure working with you on your projects. I look forward to working with you in the future. THANKS AGAIN !!!!!!


Great work, done on time.  By Charlie Powell on 09/28/2015

We really enjoyed dealing with Todd. He’s a very personable guy, and a real pro. Our job was a little tricky, but he got it just right. He arrived on time, and did the work in the time he had stated. We couldn’t be happier with our experience, and we will recommend him in the future.

Responded 09/29/2015

Hi Charlie, Thank you for the review!!!! If we can help out in the future give us a call. THANKS AGAIN Oh, by the way…We’re never to busy for your referrals!!